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Provide business solutions,
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GBIZSG CONSULTANCY PTE LTD: We have unique branches in Singapore, Bangkok in Thailand, Hainan and Hong Kong in China, as far as Estonia, the Netherlands, Dubai and Poland, providing professional and efficient business strategies and solutions for global partners. Together with a highly senior and experienced team, we are not only committed to providing solutions for our clients, but also helping you expand and grow to the pinnacle of success in every market.



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Singapore Citizenship Application

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Application for Enterprise Allowance

Company registration process

1.Understand the policy

Get the latest government and business policy information

Policy analyzing

Information is more important to Singapore's economic environment, and you need to understand market information and government policy information at the start-up stage of business. Only by following the trend can you succeed/get twice the result with half the effort.

2. Prepare materials

Prepare relevant materials for enterprise application (1 day-1 month)

Related Materials

For an ordinary private limited company, relatively speaking, the materials that need to be prepared are relatively simple; if you apply for the Entrepreneur Pass at the same time, you will need more materials, and you need to prepare more than one month in advance.

3. Company name verification

The company name can only be registered in English (1 working day)

Name specification

Under normal circumstances, you can draw up 2-3 company names in advance, and check them separately on the government website. As long as they are not duplicated with the registered company names, it can be completed within one working day.

4. Register the company

Register the company (it only takes 1 working day to complete the process successfully)

Lowest Price

Submit the registration to the Singapore Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and pay the registration fee. The customer can receive the bizfile and M&A documents approved by ACRA, and we are more efficient

5. Bank account opening

Open a bank account (1 working day can be successfully processed

Set up an account

We have maintained a good cooperative relationship with Singapore banks for a long time, such as OCBC, DBS. We can help customers solve bank account opening problems conveniently, and provide door-to-door handling for VIP customers as needed.

6. Application for permit

If necessary, you can apply for a self-employment permit (time is affected by personal conditions)

Application Process

After applying for the permit, the company can apply for PR within 1-2 years of operation. After holding the work permit, the children can come to study in government primary and secondary schools, and family members can be taken over if they meet the relevant conditions.

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